Knowledge Base for Sell More Tyres Websites

Our Knowledge Base contains numerous articles on how to complete a variety of tasks linked with your Sell More Tyres website as well as providing a general information hub. With detailed descriptions and informative screenshots, any task you wish to undertake will be as simple and time efficient as possible. 

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Setting up Stripe

How to setup a stripe account for your Sell More Tyres website.

Setting up a Discount

Here's how you can setup a promotional discount

Setup your Website to Accept Paypal

You can now setup your website for online payment using Paypal, Follow the step-by step instructions to get started

How To Setup Advanced Mobile Charges

Are you a mobile fitter or do you offer mobile fitting at different costs depending on distance, postcode or number of tyres purchased. This feature will allow you set this up for your website  

How to Customise your Menu

Need to change your menu iems? Here's how.

How to Add Images to Your Site

If you need to add a logo to your website or an image to your content pages, here's how.

How to Contact Us For Support

If you need any further assistance that is not in any of these document here's how you can contact us.

How to Add Users

Here's how you can add other users to access your admin.

Tyre Delivery Adjustments

Your tyre delievery times are setup by default to 2 days being the earliest time you can fit a tyre. Here's how you can update your delivery times to suit your buisness.

How to Manage Your Chargeable Services

Here's how you can add and edit your additional services.

How to Edit Opening Hours

Opening hours are essential so customers know what time your buisness opens and closes. Here's how you can adjust your opening hours.

Google Map Location

The map shows a rough estimate of where your buisness is located. Here's how you can edit this.

Editing Account Settings

Within this section you can make changes to your company details.

Changing Colour Scheme

Here's how you can change your theme and colour scheme of your website

Showing What Brands you Offer

Here's how you can add and remove what brands ou offer from the bottom of the homepage.

How to Manage your Pricing

It is important that you set your tyre markups at realistic costs,  allowng your business to profit from the tyre booking and ensuring that you attract new bookings from customers. Find out how to manage your prices

How to Manage Testimonials

Displaying Customer Testimonials shows that you are a trusted business and provides potential new customers visiting your website with more confidence to place a booking with you. Find out how to view and manage your testmonials.

How to View your Net Promoter Score

Each time an order is updated to fitted/complete your customer will be sent an email asking them to score the service from 1-10, this is your Net Promotor Score. Find out how this more information and how this works

How to View Customer Enquiries

You can expect a number of enquires captured by the enquiry form on your website’s page. Find out how to view and manage these in your admin

How to View Customer Details

The CRM section allows you to view information held about each of your customers, view any enquiries received and view your Net Promotor Score. Find out how to manage your customer details

How to Manage Bookings

Ensure that your customers are kept up to date with the status of their order at each stage. Find out how to Manage your bookings

How to Add a Separate Registered Address

Add a separate Registered Address to your website if different from your Trading Address

How to Edit Content Pages

With your website you are provided with some default content to help you get started; there is no limit to the amount of pages that can be added to your website

How to View Reports

View a number of useful reports for your website including vistor numbers, referrals and booking statistics

Setting up SKU Level Pricing (Advanced)

Set a specific price or discount for individually selected tyres including a start and end date 

Using the Check My Prices Tool

View a breakdown of your tyre prices and compare the cost price to your sell-out price. Search by Tyre Size to display a list of current prices on your website

Adding Custom Holidays

Are you closed any day other than a Standard UK Bank Holiday?  Make sure you add custom holidays so that customers can't book a fitting when you are closed.

Add a Multi-site combined VRN/size lookup to your existing website

Add a combined VRN and tyre size lookup to you exisiting website that supports multiple locations

Add a combined VRN/size lookup to your existing website

Add a Search facility to your own website to allow your customers to find tyres by VRN or Tyre Size

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