About us

SellMoreTyres.com is a trading division of Silkmoth Ltd. Silkmoth is a software development company based in Macclesfield, Cheshire and has been building websites since the dawn of time (the mid 90's). In 2006 the company was contracted to build the Tyre Shopper website on behalf of National Tyres and Autocare. This was the beginning of our tyre journey that involved building the Viking website, AA Tyres, BikeTyreBuyer (www.biketyrebuyer.com), General Tire (www.general-tire.co.uk) and about a thousand websites for Micheldever's TyreClick network.

Over the last few years Silkmoth has focused on the UK tyre market with the aim to helping independent garages get online and compete with the national players. There is a worrying trend towards the big national chains grabbing more and more of the online tyre market and we are doing our best to ensure that local dealers keep and grow their share of local e-business.

The aim of the SellMoreTyres.com product set is simple; to get more dealers selling tyres and related services (e.g. wheel alignment) online. During the Covid-19 pandemic there was a big uplift in e-commerce transactions, for tyres in particular. The only dealers who benefit from this shift are those who show their prices and stock availability online, 24/7. It's not enough to have a three page brochure website any more. Customers are looking for prices and if you don't show them they'll find somebody who does.

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