5 Steps to Selling Tyres Online Successfully

Create a Successful Online Tyre Business

It's no longer a closed shop enabling those with big budgets to take chunks of profit whilst you do the work. Selling tyres online in an effective way is now a possibility for all local garages.

When done effectively, this enables you to better serve your existing customers, attract new customers in your area, and widen your net. People who need your services from slightly beyond your area will find you, need you, and travel to you.

A solid platform to sell tyres online will also help you to streamline your operations, get ahead of competitors, and improve your profitability. Here we're going to look at what you need to consider if you want to sell tyres online successfully.

1. Get your e-commerce website right

A well-designed, user-friendly website is the nucleus you need to successfully sell tyres online. Ensure that your website is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and mobile-friendly.

Provide plenty of detail about each tyre option, use high-quality imagery, and make sure that the customer journey is efficient and hassle-free. This makes you easy to deal with, it helps customers make informed choices fast, and it builds trust in your brand.

A robust search and filter system massively helps. This is a pivotal piece of functionality. Customers want to find the exact tyres they need, and they want to be able to do so quickly. Implement filters for parameters like size, brand, type, and price range.

Be sure to implement a payment gateway too. You need a beginning-to-end solution. The best e-commerce platforms will be able to integrate with your existing payment solution and be able to take customer card payments securely.

2. Stock shrewdly

Offering a wide range of tyre options and being able to offer a quick turnaround is essential to secure as many new orders as you can.

Stock various brands, sizes, and types of tyres to meet different customer needs whilst retaining focus on what sells. It's a fine balance but understanding what to stock, the right quantities, and when, will pay dividends.

3. Make marketing a priority

As with any business looking to sell more products or services online, being seen by your target customers is critical. With e-commerce it's never a case of build it and they will come; your tyre website needs proper promotion through ongoing digital marketing activity.

Effective search engine optimisation (SEO) will drive local customers to your online tyre store. It's important to find a tyre e-commerce solution that offers SEO features, for example giving you the ability to set meta titles, tags and descriptions. You also need to be able to create new pages when needed, add regular new content in the shape of informative articles, videos, and customer testimonials. This all makes sure that you will be visible on search engines whilst showcasing your expertise to customers and establishing your brand in your target market.

You can then back this all up with social media campaigns to drive even more website traffic and therefore enquiries.

4. Be strategic with sales

Use insight to develop ideas. Research market trends and pricing strategies to ensure your prices are competitive without compromising your profit margins.

Additionally, with the right tyre e-commerce solution, you can create promotions when you want to push for more sales at different times of the year or attract new customers with special offers. This isn't limited to discounting. You could up-sell additional services such as wheel alignment, mobile fitting or MOTs for example.

5. Make sure service delivery is spot on

Once you've made your presence known and you're successfully selling tyres online you need to make sure you're providing exceptional customer service too. Make the fitting process a seamless experience to back up the flawless online ordering experience you've created. This will lead to repeat custom and all your happy customers will be telling everyone they know about their positive experience.

Word of mouth is very powerful, free advertising for any local business – don’t miss out on this opportunity, get your service delivery on point.

How to sell tyres online

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