A Guide to Buying Tyres Online

Shopping online has made getting hold of whatever you need much more convenient, whether that be groceries, gifts, clothes, or something you may not have considered buying online before, such as new tyres!

The shopping experience is similar though, with convenience at its core and quick turnarounds available. Or at least it should be if the garage has a good tyre e-commerce solution in place. Here we will look at how to buy tyres online and what to look out for to make sure that you choose a reputable, reliable garage that can provide you with the tyres you need quickly and hassle free, whilst providing a seamless beginning-to-end shopping experience.

Sophisticated search tools

What you're looking for is a friction-free experience. The garage's website should be as simple to use as any other online shopping site. You will need to know what sort of tyres you need of course, information which should be available in your vehicle's owner's manual or on the sidewall of your current tyres.

The website should then be sophisticated enough to allow you to search by tyre size, type, and brand.

When you get the results, you should then be able to filter and sort the options to access the right options for you. Some customers will want the cheapest option, others will want a specific brand or specification, and others may want a specific tyre type to suit local road conditions.

Assess your driving habits, the road conditions in your area, and the current climate.

When you want to delve deeper to assess each tyre option, product descriptions should be thorough enough to help you make a buying decision. They should include the headline information we have highlighted already, plus additional specification data such as construction materials, tread patterns, and any specific features.

If a tyre website doesn't give you everything you need to make an informed decision, consider looking elsewhere.

A note to garage owners: The critical part of creating convenience for customers when they want to buy online is making sure that they don't have to contact you by any other means, such as over the phone, to complete their purchase. Seamless experiences secure sales.

Is mobile fitting available?

The key aspect of buying tyres online that will differ dramatically to most things you buy online is that you don't want them just delivered to your door!

The purchase and overall delivery process therefore needs consideration.

People like to buy online because they're busy and it saves them time. It should be no different when you're buying tyres online. Of course, you may be happy to drop your car at the local garage or take it in for your new tyre fitting while you wait, but if that doesn't suit your busy schedule, consider a garage that offers mobile fitting. This could be at home, at your workplace, or some other convenient location at a time and date that suits your routine or pressing needs.

Do they offer additional services or special offers?

A proactive dealer’s website will showcase their other services and any related promotions. See if they can help you rectify any further issues you may have with your vehicle during the same visit and whether you can take advantage of any offers too. This could be providing servicing or an MOT as part of a package, for example.

Even if you don't need anything else in addition to tyres, see if the garage will be providing any related add-ons free of charge, such as free fitting, balancing, or alignment.

Plenty of positive reviews

Look for garages with a strong track record in the area. Do they have positive reviews published on their website, on social media and Google?

Doing this simple due diligence will give you the best chance of finding a reputable garage that will deliver quality and efficiency.

Check the terms

Find out if your chosen garage offers warranties on the tyres or any kind of guarantees that could give you additional peace of mind.

Make sure your payment is secure

Online security is a huge deal. Make sure that your garage is taking online payments securely using trusted payment gateways.

Garage owners, can you provide all this?

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