A Guide to Providing Mobile Tyre Fitting

When you’re looking to sell more tyres online and get an edge over the local and national competition, a lot of factors come into play that can determine your success. The quality of your e-commerce website, your marketing, your product range, your pricing, and your service delivery will all play a key part. Often, it’s about finding a way to offer more than your competitors, communicating this to customers effectively, and delivering a great experience.

One such edge could be offering mobile fitting. Depending on your competitive landscape this may be a necessity in order to compete with other garages offering this option, or it could be that implementing it yourself would put you ahead of the competition if they’re not currently offering it.

Consumers of all kinds are starting to value convenience more and more, and they will pay for the privilege given people lead such busy lives. Getting new tyres fitted whilst at work, in the gym, or busy parenting can be an invaluable time-saver for many.

Integrating a mobile tyre fitting service

So, there are clearly many reasons why it can pay dividends to offer mobile fitting, now let’s look at how you can integrate it into your existing operations.

Equip yourself

Firstly, invest in the right equipment. A mobile tyre fitting van equipped with state-of-the-art tools ensures efficiency and professionalism. Make sure your technicians are well-trained to handle on-the-go installations and repairs. The goal is to replicate the quality service your customers receive in your garage but at their convenience.

Enhance your marketing

Promote the convenience factor that we discussed above. Make this a stand out benefit across your marketing channels and particularly on your e-commerce website.

Highlight the time-saving benefits. Busy professionals, parents, and anyone else pressed for time will appreciate the option, so make sure they’re aware it exists.

Appearance matters

Consider if you want to invest in new uniforms or van livery. Your technicians are the face of your company on mobile fitting jobs so you want them to look professional. Your vehicles should also reflect the business in the right way to build trust with your customers and help build your brand in the area.

Consider your pricing strategy

Do you:

  1. Offer mobile tyre fitting as a free value-added service (with some restrictions like distance or minimum order value)


  1. Charge for mobile tyre fitting

And if you’re charging is it one price for all or do you want to vary the price depending on what the customer is ordering?

Consider factors like travel distance, time spent on-site, and any extra manpower required. Think about whether you want to be paid upfront at point of sale.

Maximise the power of technology

Leverage your tyre e-commerce platform to streamline the booking process for mobile tyre fitting. An easy-to-use online booking system allows customers to schedule appointments seamlessly, and it helps you manage your operations much more effectively.

Then like you would for an on-site booking that you’ve received online, use the automated reminder tools to minimise no shows and keep customers informed. Make sure that regardless of the type of order or type of fitting purchased that all your systems are seamlessly integrated.

Do you have the online tools you need?

All this becomes increasingly difficult without a capable tyre e-commerce solution.

It’s your website that creates the seamless experience for your customers. Remember, convenience is king when it comes to mobile tyre fitting and that all starts with how easy and effective your website is to use.

At SellMoreTyres we provide tyre e-commerce solutions enabling you to add an online tyre shop to your existing website or create a new, complete e-commerce solution for your business.

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