How to Use Content Marketing to Grow Your Online Tyre Business

When you're starting to try and build your presence online in any industry it's vital to find new ways to stand out so that potential new customers can find you.

Selling tyres online in your local area is generally considered fairly niche, which can give garages who are savvy with their content marketing a particular advantage. Firstly, a lot of your competitors may not be prominent online or even attempting to be so, and even if they are, they likely don't have a tyre e-commerce solution in place that's good enough for customers to be able to place orders and book in online effectively.

What's more, you're competing against national brands who can service your area, so to be successful online you need to think bigger. Most customers will want to use a local garage so if you can get your marketing right, new custom will follow.

Firstly though, what is content marketing?

Content marketing is a multifaceted approach that plays a pivotal role in shaping brand identity, engaging consumers, and driving sales.

It involves creating a range of different types of online content using written word, imagery, video and audio. Its job is to create interest, not outwardly sell products. This leads to long term gain.

Let's look at how you can use content marketing to grow your online tyre business.

Educate and inform

Create content to educate and inform consumers. Most people don't know much about tyres, what size they need, or the different types available.

Buyers often need guidance – and they look online for it. If your content can provide them with the information that they need and you can get it in front of them, you’re not only building your brand awareness, you could secure a sale there and then.

Create content covering areas such as tyre types, sizes, maintenance tips, and safety. This could be through blog posts, instructional videos, engaging infographics, audio, smart social media campaigns, or a mixture of these delivery methods.

Improve your SEO

The ever-evolving algorithms of search engines favour fresh, relevant, and valuable content. And it’s vital that you publish this level of high-quality content regularly to keep your site up the rankings.

Both Google and your potential customers value top-quality content, making producing content a relatively inexpensive way of securing a lot of attention from potential new customers.

Establish brand authority and trust

Again, both search engines and customers want to know that you’re an authority that they can trust. High-quality, relevant content positions you as a brand leader in your industry.

As previously mentioned, it may be that in the local tyre market you don’t have too much competition either, so don’t miss out on the opportunity that content marketing gives you to propel your business to the top of the trust tree with local buyers.

Engage people and build relationships

Once you’ve got the content created, you need to share it in all the right places.

Where do your potential customers spend their attention?

That’s where you need to be seen.

Currently, that’s very likely to be on social media, so make sure you’re posting regularly on all the platforms your customers use. Being active in local Facebook groups and adding value there in addition to on your main company page can pay real dividends. People often head to these groups to ask for recommendations.

If you’ve built trust, engaged your target audience, comments recommending you should flood in. Don’t neglect the other platforms though. Understand where your customers are and reverse engineer an online communications strategy from there.

Showcase your service

Content shouldn’t be restricted to just informing, educating and promoting. Showcase your talents!

Share great reviews, videos of new stock or fittings taking place, or even introduce your workforce to engage people and build that level of trust even more.

Your website should be awash with this type of content too, not just your social channels, especially on your blog, articles or insights page – depending on how you name it.

Your site then needs to be able to back this up by converting browsers into buyers. Add plenty of call to actions to send readers/viewers to your sales page or tyre search page.

How we can help

At SellMoreTyres we have a range of solutions to help you get more sophisticated with your content marketing, rank highly in search engine results pages and ultimately, sell more tyres online.

We can provide a new tyre shop to add to your existing website or help you create a completely new tyre e-commerce solution with all the functionality that you will need.

Email or call us on 01625 433388 to find out more.