How to Build Trust and Attention

Build Trust With Your Customers

To sell tyres online successfully, people in the community need to know that you offer this service, and they need to know that you can cater for their needs quickly when required whilst offering a seamless experience from point of order to fitting.

So, you have three key objectives to focus on:

  1. Get seen online
  2. Deliver a positive online tyre shopping experience
  3. Provide a great service

As more customers turn to the internet for their every need, tyres being no exception, getting this right can give you a significant competitive advantage.

Here we're going to look at some effective techniques you can use to sell more tyres online by building your online presence and creating an online tyre shopping experience to eclipse your local rivals. Then it's up to you to back this up with flawless fitting and service.

Presence and Promotion


User-Friendly Website

Ensure your tyre e-commerce website is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and has a secure payment gateway. Make it easy for customers to complete their purchase whilst instilling confidence that you're a professional and reputable garage.

Social Media Engagement

As much as it's vital to have a highly functional and effective website, it's worthless if no one knows it exists. Engage with your audience across social media. Share valuable content and insights into your offering, interact with customers' comments and enquiries, run promotions, look at creating local promotional partnerships with other businesses, and even consider paid activity such as targeted ads to reach potential customers in your area. The goal is to get customers on to your website to generate more sales and build brand awareness at the same time.

Educational Content

Create informative blog posts, guides, or videos about all things tyres. This could be about maintenance, choosing the right tyres for different vehicles or weather conditions, and other relevant topics. Position your garage as a knowledgeable authority to build customer trust whilst promoting your services.


You need to get the basic foundations of SEO (search engine optimisation) in place. Make sure your tyre e-commerce platform allows you to set meta tags and descriptions, add relevant links, headings, and set up new pages and publish new posts when you want to in line with your strategy.

Set up your Google Business Profile and make sure you're ranking well on the search engine results pages (SERPs) when people are searching for tyres and all related keywords in your area.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Back up your claims with reviews from all your happy customers. Encourage them to provide you with online reviews and prominently display positive customer feedback on your website. This social proof can be vital to sway new customers to choose you over the competition.

Customer Shopping Experience


Comprehensive Product Information

Provide detailed and accurate information about the tyre options you offer. Include specifications, sizes, different brands, different types and pricing. Help customers make informed decisions and give them confidence that you're well established enough to offer multiple options.

High-Quality Visuals

You need to make sure that your tyre e-commerce platform looks modern, fresh and engaging. It should ooze professionalism and sophistication. Having high quality imagery makes a big difference.

It's important to showcase your tyre options from different angles and promote the brand of each tyre in a visually engaging way. Be creative. A tyre isn't just a tyre, make sure your premium options stand out.

Customer Journey

You need to create an efficient and engaging beginning-to-end journey for customers to buy your tyres online, arrange their appointment and make payment. They shouldn't need to contact you to confirm or question anything. Your website needs to have the capability to make the sale, create the order, take payment and send confirmations to the customer and your garage.

Ultimately, your tyre e-commerce solution should boost your sales, help you manage your diary effectively, and create happy customers without impacting your existing operation. When done right, you and your team shouldn't need to be part of the process until it comes to fitting.


Once you have managed to bring people to your website and you're making sales, you then need to make sure service is exemplary. This keeps customers coming back and will lead to a lot of recommendations.

Consider the level of service you want to offer. Do you want customers to bring their vehicles in or will you offer mobile fitting? Do you want the online aspect of your business to just drive new orders for tyres, or will it become a business in its own right separate to your main operation?

The possibilities are endless.

The main thing is to get started and…

Sell More Tyres!

At SellMoreTyres we provide tyre e-commerce solutions so you can add an online tyre shop to your existing website or create a completely new e-commerce solution for your business.

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