Uplifting the Value: What More Should You Be Offering With Your Tyre Service?

Once you’re at the races and you’re effectively selling tyres online, you can turn your thoughts to how you can complement your online tyre service by upselling additional products and services.

This will increase the value of your sales and it will give customers the opportunity to potentially deal with multiple issues in a single visit.

Offering more will also make sure you’re always evolving in line with changing customer demands so that you can continue to stand out in a competitive local market, and against the large national providers.

Here we will look at a range of ideas, initiatives and strategies that could provide you with the inspiration you need to elevate your online sales to the next level.

Mobile fitting

Convenience is critical and consumers are willing to pay more for it to help them through their busy lives. Selling tyres online and allowing people to book fitting appointments is one thing, but offering mobile fitting as a chargeable extra not only increases your revenues, it will help you win more business in the first place as mobile fitting may be the only solution suitable for some customers.

A comprehensive inspection

In the case of a puncture, depending on the incident, the customer could have suffered some additional damage. You could offer a further inspection to check the vehicle and the rest of the tyres.

If you don’t find any further damage it could still be a good idea for the customer to replace all four tyres depending on wear and tear, tyre age, and performance differences between the old tyres and the new.

Alignment and balancing

A simple value-added service is wheel alignment and balancing. You may already provide this as part of your service, but could it be chargeable in addition to the tyre and fitting cost, whether mandatory or not given the benefits to the customer?

Most customers may only think of the safety aspect but may not have considered the improved fuel efficiency and how it can help extend the lifespan of their tyres.


If you offer more than tyre fitting, always look for ways to make the most from every customer. Check when their next service or MOT is due and try and win that business. Your tyre e-commerce solution may be able to harvest this information for you at the time of booking for you to act on.

Educational insights

Always be looking to build your contact/email list. Create new educational content that you can regularly share with subscribers that offers real value to them. That way when you have a promotion to shout about you’ve got an engaged audience to send the detail to.


Your tyre e-commerce solution should have the capability to allow you to run various promotions. These could be seasonal, for example pushing winter tyres before the cold sets in, or generic – offering multi-buy discounts that help customers change all their tyres rather than just one or two at a time, for example.


After being fitted with a set of brand new tyres and having had the benefit of all the additional services you’ve managed to up-sell, why not offer customers the chance to get their vehicle back as clean as new too?

If you don’t offer this yourself, you could consider partnering up with a local valeting service and negotiate a share of the profits. Easy money for you and new business on tap for them.

Rebooking incentives

Certain activities are predictable, such as yearly MOTs, services at certain intervals, and tyre changes based on season or expected lifespan. Use this knowledge to re-book customers immediately after their current visit for next time, with an incentive to help them commit to your garage. This could be a simple discount or you could create some kind of loyalty programme.

Additional vehicles

Don’t overlook the fact that many households own more than one vehicle. You could get repeat business from a customer for their secondary vehicles simply by providing a great service but consider what sort of incentive programme you could offer to encourage customers to use you for all their tyre, repairs, servicing and maintenance needs.

Boost your online sales

Test your local market and see what works for you.

Do you need a new tyre-commerce solution that enables you to do more, offer customers more and make more?

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