The benefits of personalised content

Why you should personalise your content

What are the benefits of personalised content?

Every new website we setup always has our default content. However, making sure you edit this content to make it your own is a must! You may ask, why is changing it so important? Well, there are a couple reasons.

  1. When google crawls a website, having content that matches or is very similar to another website, is not best practice. It impacts your SEO negatively, meaning you will end up ranking lower in google searches, and no one wants that. This means when you create your own content, it does the opposite. You can rank higher in google which means more customers will come to your website first.
  2. You can accurately explain to your customers what your business is all about! Adding extra content about the services you offer and even including your google reviews can increase the relationship a customer will have with your business. The more you explain and show the customer that you are an expert at what you do, the better the relationship, the more likely they are to use your business!

When selling products and/or a service online, you always need to have the customer in mind, what they need to know about you, what they need to know about the products and/or services, etc. And the best way to get this information over to your customers, is to create content that is accurate and personal!