The Benefits of Social Media

How social media can benefit your tyre business

Social media is a powerful tool that you can, and should, use to your advantage. It’s a great way to build relationships with your customers.

The two points you should focus on for your business as a garage owner, is growth and communication.

Communication is key. Social media can help with your reputation and crisis communication. Is a customer unhappy? Did your business not live up to their expectations? Your customer is more than likely to go to their social media to share the experience. This is where you can step in and provide excellent customer service and help resolve any issues your customers may have. Showing potential customers that you engage with your customers and offer the best service.

This can then lead into growth. Having a good customer base on social media make it easier to expand your business. They’re more likely to tell their friends and family about you, they may even tell a stranger! And with the right kind of business, you can grow your business exponentially.

Marketing your business, helping customers, going the extra mile. This can lead to more traffic on your website, generate new leads that then turn into sales! Not convinced? Well, you'll never know till you give it a try!