The Importance of Aesthetics

Why your tyre website aesthetics are important.

Have you ever gone onto a website and left straight away because it doesn’t look good? We’ve all done it!
Sometimes we forget (when it comes to our websites) that looks do matter! We want to make our websites look as attractive as possible to make sure customers want to stay and see what our businesses are all about.

We have written some dos and don’ts when it comes to picking out colours for your website. 3 Things to consider when choosing your websites colour scheme.

1. DO NOT USE NEON/ILLUMINOUS COLOURS. Using such bright colours can make the content very hard to read. Having content that you cannot read, is an instant lost customer.
2. Keep your colour range between 2-3 colours. Having too many colours can make your website look un-cohesive and just be too confusing for customer.
3. Ensure your text colour is high contrast to your background. Make sure all your content is easily readable.

However, it’s not just the colours you choose, it’s also the images! So, the basic rules of adding an image to your website are

1. Make sure it’s of high quality! No one wants to be looking at a blurry image.
2. Ensure that the file is not too big. Having a really big image can actually make the speed of your website much slower, which we do not want!
3. Try to upload your own images. Avoiding stock photos / using images from other people’s sites can help with your SEO. Having your own personal images that no one else has, makes your content unique and can contribute to better SEO.

At the end of the day, we all want to stand out from the crowd, but make sure if you’re going to stand out, you do it the right way!