Changing Colour Scheme

Here you can change the colours of the plugin so that it matches with your own company branding; this allows the eShop extension to blend in smoothly with your existing website.

Click into each box and choose your colours from the palette, just click and drag the pointer to change the colours.

Colour Scheme 1 (eShop) Image

You can set the colour for a number of different components, including the background and text colours.

Click on the colour swatch on each item to select a new colour.

Colour Scheme 2 (eShop) Image

Once you are happy with your changes click Save. Changes will update almost immediately on your site.

View previous colour schemes

A history of your colour changes is shown on at the bottom of the page. Click the View button to show previous colour schemes.

Colour Scheme 3 (eShop) Image

You can revert to any of your previous schemes by clicking the Use These Settings button.

Colour Scheme 4 (eShop) Image