How to Setup your eShop to accept Stripe Payments

Before payment can be taken on your eShop there are a few steps to complete first.

Register a Stripe Account

Go to

Enter your email, Full name, select Country and create a Password.

Click to Create account

Stripe Register Page (eShop) Image

Account Activation

You will now be taken to your dashboard where a message will display asking you to verify your email.

Download 2 (eShop) Image

If you don't receive this you can try the Resend button as above.

An email will be sent asking you to verify the email address, click the button on the email to do this (see next page)

Download 3 (eShop) Image

Once you have clicked to verify you will be taken back to your dashboard for the next step.

You will notice that the message on the dashboard has now changed

Download 4 (eShop) Image

Click the Start Button to begin

You will now be taken through several steps to verify that you are the business owner; providing all the details that you enter are correct the approval should be almost instantaneous.

Your dashboard should now show that your Account is verified.

Download 5 (eShop) Image

Obtain your API keys

To accept payment online using Stripe you will need to provide Silkmoth with your API so that Stripe can be linked to your website.

In your Dashboard click on the Developers link in the top right hand corner.

Download 6 (eShop) Image

You then need to select API keys from menu of the left

Download 7 (eShop) Image

The API Keys page will now display a section like the below

Stripe API Keys (eShop) Image

Click the Reveal live key button; you will be presented with this message:

Download 9 (eShop) Image

You’ll need to save the key during this session for yourself and so that you can send it to Silkmoth.

Copy the Publishable key and Secret key (after clicking Reveal live key) and send them to

Once you have sent the keys to the Silkmoth support team, Stripe will then be ready to use on your website


There will be occasions where you might have to refund a customer payment.

To do this login to your Stripe dashboard

Navigate to the Payments section and find the order by either the customer email or the TyreClick Order ID.

Stripe Payments Overview (eShop) Image

Click on the on the 3 dots to the right and Refund payment

or click into the order and use the refund payment button.

Download 14 (eShop) Image

You will be presented with a pop-up, where you can decide how much to refund and select a reason. It will also advise you of how long the refund will take to process. (This is useful for informing your customer)

Download 11 (eShop) Image

Confirm the refund amount, select a reason and press Refund.

The payment will be updated to “Refunded”

Download 12 (eShop) Image

Note that the fee from the original transaction is not refunded by Stripe, however, there is no charge for the refund itself.

Download 13 (eShop) Image