Tyre Delivery Adjustments

When a booking is taken by your eShop you need to source the tyres from your preferred wholesaler. By default, the system assumes that if a booking is placed before mid-day on a weekday you have enough time to find a wholesaler who can deliver the tyres before 9:00am on the following day.

This may not be suitable for your business. You may receive an early afternoon delivery meaning that your eShop can offer same day fitting. Alternatively you wholesaler may not deliver to you until 10:00am.

You can set your tyre delivery times which will allow your eShop to manage your customer’s expectations about their fitting time.

By analysing your usual delivery times you can adjust the fitting times thereby enabling the customer to have their tyres at the earliest possible convenience.

Tyre Delivery Times 1 Image

Tyre Delivery Adjustments examples

As an example: if you are confident that any customer booking placed in the morning can be fulfilled same day because you’ve got a good local wholesaler you can set up the delivery times as follows:

Tyre Delivery Times 2 Image

However, if the wholesaler does not offer an afternoon delivery on a Friday but delivers on Saturday mornings before 10:00am you can set it up like this:

Tyre Delivery Times 3 Image

Note that the ‘As Shown to Customer’ column is how the fitting times will appear on the eShop. This takes account of your opening hours.

If you are at all unsure about setting these times please contact our support team who will guide you through the process.