Digital Marketing Tips For Selling Tyres Online

In the dynamic world of commerce, where digital dominates, it's vital to develop and execute a digital marketing strategy to get you in front of the right customers. The landscape is competitive, so capturing the relevant attention ahead of other garages selling tyres online in the area is essential.

It's not just local competition that you're up against either, you need to be equipped to take on the large nationwide players too.

Here's a guide to help you develop a digital marketing strategy to sell tyres online effectively.

Dominate local search engine results

When people are looking for a solution to a problem online their first port of call is search engines. When people are looking on Google or similar sites for a local tyre provider you want to be as close to the top of page one as you can be. You also need to be prominent in the map results, so you need to create and optimise your Google Business Profile to maximise your presence locally.

Make sure your chosen tyre e-commerce platform allows you to customise your meta tags and descriptions and create new content/pages so you're ranking for all the relevant keywords. Your website also needs to be high quality in terms of speed to load, functionality and navigation. Google is very sophisticated these days so make sure your e-commerce platform is as advanced technically behind the scenes as it is on the front end.

Deliver high-value, quality content

Create valuable and engaging content related to tyres, vehicle maintenance, and any other services your garage provides. Use blogs, videos, infographics, and guides to attract people to your website. Content can be educational, entertaining, promotional, or thought-provoking to drive engagement with your website and ultimately increase sales.

Be social

Engage with your audience across social media. Where your customers are spending their time and attention online is where you need to be. Post regularly to inform and engage the community. Respond to any enquiries promptly and look to build a community of followers who custom your garage, support your garage, and talk about you positively to other potential customers.

Be creative with your content. Look to create conversation and brand awareness rather than being overly sales focused. Sales will then naturally come. This isn't to say you should avoid promotions, instead look for around an 80/20 split between added value content and sales-focused content.

Join local Facebook community groups too and involve your business in conversations. Post in these groups regularly too to amplify your social media presence.

Consider paid campaigns

There’s no getting away from it, selling any product online comes with a lot of competition. That being said, if you’re targeting customers within a certain radius of your garage, you will find it easier to stand out than a national business selling fragrances or gifts, for example.

This may make it affordable for you to put some budget behind paid media spend, for activity such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. This is a quick and effective way to get seen and will generate sales much faster than relying solely on organic activity.

Consider if the outlay could be worth the return on investment and run small test campaigns to start.

Create strategic partnerships

Could you collaborate with any other businesses in the area to leverage their local audience?

Campaigns such as jointly ran competitions can work well. Even simply agreeing to support each other on social media will help – engage with posts and provide recommendations when the opportunity arises. The goal is to get potential customers to know about you, trust you, and then when the need arises, buy from you.

Share your success stories

Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, or Trustpilot. Then when you have these testimonials, share them across your channels and make them prominent on your website.

When you’re trying to attract new customers that don’t know you this can make the difference between making the sale or not.

Get the foundations right

Your tyre e-commerce website is the centre of your online universe. Make sure it provides a customer experience that’s seamless and worthy of all your new marketing activity.

No amount of marketing will help if your website can’t close the deal.

Ensure that your website is easy to use, visually appealing, mobile-friendly and can take care of the entire customer journey from initial search to taking payment and booking the fitting slot.

Sell more tyres online

Are you looking for a new tyre e-commerce solution?

At SellMoreTyres we have a range of solutions to help you sell tyres online, from adding a shop to your existing website to creating you a completely new e-commerce solution.

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