How to Decide Which Tyre Brands to Sell Online

The objective is simple – meet customer needs whilst maximising profits and limiting wastage.

What you sell is obviously an important decision. Location matters. And what customers in your location want and need.

That’s a good place to start. Research and consider buying trends.

What do customers care most about in your area? Lowest cost? Premium options? A variety of types? And do they need different options as the seasons change?

Start by understanding your customers’ key drivers and how they behave, and when any trends change during the year.

Look at your past sales data or conduct some local research campaigns. Consider any current environmental factors and anything else that’s happening in the area that could impact buyer behaviour.

Stock a variety of brands

Once you understand your audience you can start considering your options. No matter what you find out about your customers you will need some variety. People want options. They want to feel empowered to make a choice and choose the best option for them. They want to feel like they’ve found what they want and got the best deal.

Of course you need different size options but consider the following when selecting your range too:

  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Types of tyre – consider if and when to stock winter tyres for example
  • Quality
  • Brands
  • Price

You want to create a range of options for each type of customer and vehicle.

Following your research and planning phase you will know the kind of split you need. You may need to focus on pushing multiple budget options or you may need a higher volume of premium options and just a couple of options at the lower end of the market.

Reliability is paramount

Budget price or not, no customer wants a bad tyre that could fail on them at any moment. So the decision making phase should be:

  • Who are my customers and what do they want?
  • What types of tyre do I need to stock and what’s the percentage split between options?
  • Now I know the above, what are the best products I can access to fill my inventory?

You may want 80% of your options to be budget – now you need to find the best options in that bracket.

Which brands are offering the best products within that price range? What will your profit margins be on each option?

Consider which brands to stock

Choose brands known for their durability and performance. A well-built tyre not only ensures customer safety but also reduces the likelihood of returns or complaints. Look for brands that have a strong reputation for producing high-quality products.

Consider each brand’s capability to offer a range of sizes and types. See if they can provide the volume that you need and what their delivery terms and costs are.

Price is obviously a crucial factor. Will any brands offer you a wholesale discount above what’s already advertised? The best way to increase your margins is at source, then you can remain competitive with customers and sell more tyres!

Building strong relationships with suppliers is a game-changer. Reliable suppliers ensure a consistent flow of stock, reducing the risk of inventory shortages. The more tyres you sell the better the deal, credit terms and service you’re likely to get.

Other considerations

Stay informed about industry trends and innovations. Tyre technology is ever evolving, with advancements in tread design, materials, and eco-friendly options. Offering cutting-edge products can set your garage apart from competitors and attract a new type of customer.

Marketing matters

Once you've learnt all you need to know about your customers, chosen what you need to stock and the brands/suppliers you’re going to work with, make sure you know how to position each option to make it the most appealing it can be to customers.

This is where having a quality tyre e-commerce solution comes in.

You need a powerful search tool that allows customers to find exactly what they want. And when they find it the marketing around the product on your website, such as the descriptions and imagery needs to turn browsers into buyers.

Your website needs to be capable enough to take care of the sale – from beginning to end.

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How we can help

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